The mission of District 100 is to provide a strong educational foundation that prepares students to realize their greatest potential.



  • Debt Restructuring ……and following through on a commitment - As you probably remember, a couple years ago our district received over $3M through a capital development grant that we were awarded way back in 2002.  The purpose of that grant was to offset the district’s cost of a three-year, … Continued
  • They Keep Our Schools Running - Bob Davis is at the elementary school early every morning to help students as they arrive. Mary Horsley runs the high school office and makes sure that everyone and everything is accounted for. Schools are warm in the morning because Terry … Continued
  • Vision 20-20 - Vision 20-20 is an initiative to improve educational opportunities for students that was developed collaboratively over a two-year period by the Illinois Association of School Administrators, the Illinois Association of School Boards, and several other professional organizations. The vision is … Continued