Throughout the school year we may encounter some difficult weather conditions. The safety of our children is our first priority and we would like to make sure that everyone is informed of what to do.

First of all, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for winter weather conditions. As you are well aware, weather conditions in this part of the country can change easily throughout the course of the day. Even if your child is riding the bus, please make sure they are dressed for winter.

Secondly, we are somewhat reluctant to dismiss school early once the day has begun unless impending weather conditions merit that decision. The main reason is that many parents have already made arrangements to have someone meet their child at home at the regular dismissal time, or they have made arrangements at the various bus stops at the regular time. We will only dismiss school early as the last resort due to extreme weather conditions. When we dismiss early, parents may not get the announcement in time or are forced to make additional arrangements later in the day after receiving that early dismissal announcement. We want to make sure that every child is safe and has a place to go after school and is not left unattended.

Thirdly, there may be days when fog, ice, snow or extreme cold causes school to be delayed or canceled. Conditions may also necessitate the need to implement Snow Route plans. Prior to making that decision, communication takes place with the transportation director, area superintendents, and possibly the highway department or emergency response officials. We do our best to make a decision between 5a.m. and 6a.m. in order to notify various media and taking into account the time it takes to get our buses rolling. Once the decision to delay or cancel school, or implement snow route plans, has been made, the various media are contacted.

Additionally, District #100 now utilizes a mass communication tool called “Blackboard Connect” as our primary means of notifying parents and staff about school delays or closings. Through the use of Blackboard Connect, we are able to send out instant phone messages and/or text messages to parents announcing school cancellations, delays or upcoming events. To make sure your phone number(s) are included in our Blackboard Connect broadcasts, please contact the office at your student’s school.

When we are going to use Blackboard Connect to notify or remind parents about planned, upcoming events, we will contact their PRIMARY NUMBER only.

When we are going to notify parents about an unplanned event (i.e. No school tomorrow; Game canceled; We’re letting students out early today), we will send the message out to both their PRIMARY AND SECONDARY numbers.

If you wish to add or change numbers on our Blackboard Connect data base, please contact your student’s school office.

Additionally, school cancellation information is often carried on:


Peoria-WMBD 1470 AM; WPGB 93.3 FM

Kewanee-WKEI 1450 AM; WYEC 93.9 FM; WJRE 102.5 FM

Galesburg-WGIL 1400 AM; WAAG 95 FM;


WHOI Channel 19-Peoria

WEEK Channel 25-Peoria

WMBD Channel 31-Peoria

KWOC Channel 6-QuadCities

WQAD Channel 8-QuadCities

Fourthly, school days that are cancelled will normally be made up through the use of emergency days. Please see your district calendar for the dates of these emergency days.

In conclusion, we value the educational importance of students attending school on a regular and consistent basis. However, the safety of each child is first and foremost and will continue to be. If weather conditions warrant the delay, early release or cancellation of school, that decision will then be made. On the other hand, we do live in a climate that includes fog, snow, ice and cold weather. We will try to advise students and those that drive of adverse weather conditions and potentially difficult routes. However, as a parent, if you believe travel is too dangerous, you do have the right to keep your child home and excuse him/or her for the day, or tell that driving student to leave his/her car at home/school and to take the bus, or for that student to get a ride with a parent or other adult.