State of the District, Board Elections, etc.

State of the District, Change in Calendar, and the April Election



State of the District

Each year in January I provide the school board with a State of the District report. I’m happy to report this year that despite some challenges, thing are going pretty well at Stark 100 right now. Our students have scored well on standardized tests and are doing well academically. We have a “little bit” of money in the bank. Our teachers and principals are doing great work; and our community continues to be very supportive. If you would like to review the power point presentation that I provided to the board at the January board meeting, you can do so by going to:



Change in Calendar

Because of the school cancellation on Jan. 13, the last day of planned student attendance is now scheduled to be May 25th. This year, we placed three emergency days at the end of May, and two emergency days during Spring Break. If we have any additional school cancellations this winter, we will utilize the remaining emergency days in May first. The emergency days during Spring Break won’t be utilized unless, and until we have missed four days of school due to inclement weather.



On April 4th, consolidated elections will be held in Illinois. I would like to urge everyone to get out and vote for the candidate of their choice on the fourth.

Although turnout for the April consolidated elections is often low, Stark County residents should be aware of a couple contests that will have significant impact on our local schools and our students:

  • The Stark County CUSD #100 School Board

This year we have four current board members running for re-election. According to the county clerk’s office, these are the only four that have turned in the paperwork necessary to be on the ballot.

  • The Black Hawk College Board of Trustees

As you are probably aware, there has been some significant local dissatisfaction recently regarding decisions made by the Black Hawk College Board, and the negative impact those decisions have had on our Black Hawk East Campus. This year there are only three candidates running for two open spots on the Black Hawk College Board. Current Board president David Emerick is running for re-election, and this year there are two local candidates vying for those open seats: Mr. Steve Spivey and Mr. Jon Looney.


Please take time to cast your vote for the candidate of your choice on April 4th.