JH Announcements 8-22-17

      Jr. High Announcements Tuesday, August 22, 2017 STAFF NEWS: Assembly – Aug. 29th – 10:00am Team Pictures – baseball & softball – Aug. 29th – 8th hour NO SCHOOL – Sept. 4th Progress Reports – Grades post … Continued

JH Announcements 8-21-17

      Jr. High Announcements Monday, Aug. 21 STAFF NEWS:   Lunch Menu: chicken nuggets, oven fries green beans, pears, fresh fruit and veggies Tomorrow:  hamburger or cheese burger & baked beans   This afternoon will be the total … Continued

JH Announcements 8-18-17

      Jr. High Announcements Friday 18, 2017 STAFF NEWS:   Lunch Menu: Pizza, lettuce, peppers, strawberries, kiwi, ice cream cup, fresh fruit & veggies. Monday: chicken nuggets & oven fries   Stark Smart is going to see Nut … Continued

JH Announcements 8-17-17

      Jr. High Announcements Thursday, August 17, 2017 STAFF NEWS:   Lunch Menu: Chicken Fajita & rice, corn, lettuce peaches, fresh fruit & veggies. Tomorrow:  Pizza     Tonight – Meet the teacher’s @ 6:00.  Also students new … Continued

JH Announcements 8-16-17

      Jr. High Announcements August 16, 2017 STAFF NEWS:   Welcome Back!!   Lunch Menu: Sub sandwich with ham turkey cheese, carrots, applesauce fresh fruit & veggies. Tomorrow: chicken fajita & rice       Tomorrow night – Meet … Continued

JH Announcements 5-25-17

      Jr. High Announcements We Made It!!! Date: Thursday, May 25 STAFF NEWS          Lunch today – Hot dog, corn, lettuce, applesauce, fresh fruit & veggies   Congratulations to these 5 students who had perfect attendance this year. … Continued

JH Announcements 5-24-17

    Jr. High Announcements Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 STAFF NEWS We will release 8th grade 15 min. early from 6th hour class Thur to turn in Chrombooks to Study Hall teachers.          Lunch today – BBQ rib sandwich, … Continued

JH Announcements 5-23-17

    Jr. High Announcements Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 STAFF NEWS          Lunch today – turkey, ham and cheese sub sandwich, oven fries, carrots,     chips, peaches, fresh fruit & veggies         Tomorrow lunch – BBQ rib sandwich   The … Continued

JH Announcements 5-22-17

    Jr. High Announcements Date: Monday, May 22, 2017 STAFF NEWS          Lunch today – Tenderloin sandwich, green beans, broccoli, tropical fruit, fresh fruit & veggies         Tomorrow lunch – turkey, ham and cheese sub sandwich Reading count luncheon … Continued