Bleacher Construction to Begin – Special Seating Available

Construction on the new football bleachers in Wyoming is scheduled to begin soon.  The Athletic Facilities Fundraising Committee and the Stark 100 Board of Education are confident that the new bleachers will provide a comfortable, attractive and safe environment for our fans.  The new aluminum bleachers will provide ample seating with a good view to all the action from any seat.

The center seating section of the new home bleachers provides a unique aspect that we hope fans will enjoy and take advantage of. This center section contains 100 built-in, folding stadium chairs. We plan to sell access to these chairs on an annual basis for $50 per chair, per year.  (Revenues from the stadium chair seating will be used to offset the cost of the new bleachers.) If you are interested in having a stadium chair reserved for you each game, you may stop in to the high school office beginning Aug. 1, or contact the high school office at 286-4451 to pick out your seat.  Once you have paid for your seat, a name tag will be attached to reserve the seat for you through the 2017 playoffs. (Note: As always, game tickets/passes will need to be purchased separately.)

Finally, we ask for everyone’s help in preserving the appearance/performance of our new aluminum bleachers. We are asking fans to NOT tape, or attach paper, blankets, etc. to the new bleachers in an effort to “save seats”.  Anything found attached to bleacher seats prior to the gates opening on a game day may be removed and discarded.  When you arrive for the game on game day, please feel free to put blankets down on the bleacher seats (we know the seats get cold), but do not tape the blankets or anything else to the bleachers.

The school board and the AFF committee members are excited about the installation of the new bleachers and we hope you will come out to see the new bleachers and to support Rebel football.